Mary is amazing!  She helped me sort through volumes of clothing – with patience, respectfulness and direction.  We initially discussed what color palette would flatter my features, and what style I hoped to accomplish.  Then the process began…  clothing items were divided into categories:  keepers, give away, clean/alterations, consign.  My closet went from completely chaotic to an organized place with outfit ideas that made sense.  I even have pictures with all my own clothing and accessories – and how to make outfits/looks without buying anything!  She developed a shopping list, within my personal budget, and I’ve been gradually shopping for essential items.

Working with Mary helped me to increase my confidence and consider how I could look my best as a professional (nurse practitioner), mother of three teens, and a woman who has recently become single.  I can not recommend her services enough – she is the perfect blend of kindness with an incredible flare for organization and fashion!


I was a little nervous to let Mary see my closet when she first came over but by the time she left after day one, I was so impressed! She helped me weed out things I didn’t love and gave me help reinventing the way I wore some pieces. She helped me to organize things so I could see the options I had more easily.

I have never been good at putting outfits together so Mary also helped me by taking pictures of things I could put together. Now I can refer to my “book” and come up with an outfit in a matter of seconds.

Shopping was easy with Mary’s help too. She gave me a “to shop for” list that I could do on my own, went shopping with me, and sent links to things I could purchase on-line. It took the anxiety out of shopping for me and helped me save money.

Since we have shopped and put outfits together, I have gotten many compliments on my new style. I think it might be time to go shopping again!


I thank Mary so much for using her gifts of artistry, patience and helping others to clean out my closet!  I am probably one of the hardest nuts to crack when it comes to changing my closet and what I wear, but she dug right in with me and helped me rid my limited closet space of unflattering clothes and pulling outfits together that I already had and did not know it!  Mary also helped me see how lines fall on my particular figure and what will flatter that figure which will help me make better choices at the store and save money.

I love that Mary knows the clothing lines and which ones tend to fit my style and size best.  She keeps me informed of sales and took me shopping to show me how to pick a great looking outfit!  I will continue to use Mary’s techniques and will appreciate her closet organization for a long time!  Mary is the next best thing to a combination of a life coach and wardrobe consultant!  Thank You!!