Packing For A Semester Abroad

Packing ListInitially my daughter was planning to take two large suitcases to Rome for her semester abroad but I couldn’t resist the challenge to cut that in half. She was completely on board and as it turned out, she saved 100 euros by not bringing another suitcase ~ the equivalence of a student weekend get away! We gathered information from many sources including a few students who had attended the same program and this is what we finalized.

  • trench coat (worn on the plane)
  • vest
  • jean jacket
  • utility jacket-debated on this + the jean jacket but since there was room, it went
  • rain jacket
  • leather jacket


  • 1 comfy sweatshirt like top (worn on the plane)
  • 1 warm pullover lululemon top to layer
  • 9 tanks- 2 lululemon which can be worn for work out or summer, white, black, gray, red, navy, stripe, b/w print which can all be used alone or layered with other tops/sweaters
  • 4 tee shirts- to be used for everyday or work out
  • 3 blouses-b/w print, black, chambray
  • 2 long sleeve tees- gray, stripe
  • 2 pull over sweaters-cream cotton, black merino wool
  • 4 cardigans sweaters-black long, dressy black short, gray long, tan long


  • 2 leggings-lululemon for work out or everyday. 1 skinny, 1 yoga style (one worn on the plane)
  • 2 jeans
  • 1 black ponte knit nice pants
  • 2 maxi skirts- black, floral
  • 1 pair nice shorts
  • 2 pair running shorts


  • 1 black dress that can be worn for dressy or everyday


  • 2 sets of Cuddl Duds. These are great because they will be used as pajamas, long underwear for ski trips, and the shirts also look like regular long sleeve tees.
  • 1 pair of gray sweat pants/pajama pants


  • flip flops- for beaches, bathrooms and hostels
  • casual- Sperry (broken in) Toms would be good too
  • black ballet flats
  • black sneakers
  • black booties-casual
  • brown booties-dressy
  • brown tall booties-we waterproofed these with a product called SNO SEAL to avoid the need to bring rain boots (worn on the plane)
  • sandals- did not pack because she is planning to buy a pair in Italy


  • 2 swimsuits
  • underwear
  • smartwool socks-they will dry fast and are comfy for all the walking. 7 pair ankle, 2 pair lowcut
  • 1 pair black opacque tights
  • belt
  • 3 scarves-easy way to change looks of outfits. She will buy more there as well.
  • 2 statement necklaces
  • 3 pairs earrings
  • watch
  • winter hat
  • gloves
  • sunglasses
  • baseball hat-for the beach
  • crossbody purse
  • tote-for classes & everyday use as well as travel (carry on plane)
  • backpack-for use as carry on luggage as well as weekend trips (carry on the plane)


These packing cubes were very helpful to compress the clothing and keep everything organized.