Saying Yes To A Carry On Bag And Celebrity Inspired Air Travel Outfits

Last week, while helping two clients get ready for their trips, I convinced them that they could travel with everything they needed for a five and a ten day trip, in a carry on suitcase. Despite their doubts, they were intrigued enough to let me show them how to plan out each day and organize outfits accordingly. Packing a carry on bag saves you money from baggage fees, worry of a lost bag, and the hassle of traveling with a large suitcase.

What to wear on the plane is another important component of mastering this feat. I always suggest a comfortable outfit with flat shoes just in case you have to run to catch a flight.  Also, wear or carry any jacket you want to bring, as well as a scarf for added warmth if the plane is cold. Below are some celebrity looks to inspire you. Happy travels! If you would like help preparing for your next trip, please contact me. I’d love to assist you and should be able to have you set with a plan within one to two hours of our initial chat.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now an approved Keaton Row stylist. I have styled a few of the outfits from below in this LookBook.  You can shop directly from it with free shipping! If you are interested in having creat any looks just for you, just let me know!

See my entire collection of Travel Inspiration photos on my Pinterest Page.

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