Five Tips For Choosing Your Family Portrait Outfits


It’s that time of the year where you might want to take advantage of summer tans, a less hectic schedule and perhaps your college student being at home, to arrange a family portrait.  I’ve pulled together some tips and inspiration to hopefully make the event stress-free.

1. Your goal with the clothing choices is to coordinate, not match.


2. Pick an inspiration piece and go from there. For example, a floral dress or a plaid shirt.


3. If the family portrait will be displayed in your home, decide if you would like the outfits to coordinate with your room color palette.


4. Consider your background color, if there will be one, and work around that for your outfit selections.

5. Find great color combinations on this website:  Fun to explore and see whats appeals to you. The collage below is what I used when coordinating my family pic.


KR080913-0216 2

5. Get inspiration online. I’ve gathered a bunch for you on my Pinterest Board ~ Family Photos What to Wear.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of pulling this all together, I would love to assist.  After listening to your ideas and vision, I will “shop your closets” striving to use the clothing you already own and if needed or desired by you, I will shop for any necessary pieces. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.


Photo credits: First: Laci Davis. Second: Shannamichelle. Third: Amelia Lyon. Fourth: My sister Cindy’s darling family photographed by Wendy Muller. Last photo: Jeffrey Bohmann Nework Photography.




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